David Letterman Returns to TV

David Letterman is taking a break from retirement and is returning to TV to lend his voice to the important issues of

climate change


Letterman will lend his wry humor and interview skills to National Geographic Channel’s Emmy-winning climate change documentary-series

Years of Living Dangerously

. It will be his first work on television since he left

The Late Show

a year-and-a-half ago.

The show’s producers, Joel Bach and David Gelber,

told Rolling Stone

they reached out to Letterman after noticing his particular interest in the environment during interviews with scientists on

The Late Show


“He seemed to perk up when this issue came across his lap,” Bach said. “We reached out to him to see if he’d want to be part of this, and he said, ‘Absolutely.’ He said [that climate change is] something he does think about a lot.”

While walking through a field of solar panels, Letterman announces in the promo video below:

“Think about the coal-fired, dangerous, smoke-belching generating plants, and then you look at this and it’s friendly. There’s something very appealing about this, and it’s smooth. Look at it: I can touch it and it’s safe. I put my head right there on it.”


In Letterman’s episode,

Into the Light

, which airs Oct. 30 for the season’s premier, he traveled to India to interview

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

about how that nation provides energy to its people.


Season 2 of

Years of Living Dangerously

will include hosts Ty Burrell, Cecily Strong and Jack Black, as well as returning correspondents

Don Cheadle

, Olivia Munn, Ian Somerhalder, Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron.


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