Memo to Debate Moderators: You ‘Owe It to Future Generations’ to Talk About Climate Change

With more than 100 million Americans expected to watch the first presidential debate tonight, there are growing calls to question the


’ stance on

climate change



Lester Holt “owes it to future generations” to talk about climate change this campaign season,


John Sutter of CNN. Shawn Otto, chairman of

, said climate change is the most urgent science question to ask during the debate. The issue also figured prominently in recent polls by the

Washington Post


New York Times

regarding questions the readers would like to ask the candidates.

Dashboard 1

For a deeper dive:

CNN, John D Sutter column


Newsweek, Shawn Otto interview


Grist, Emma Foehringer Merchant column


Business Insider, Rebecca Harrington analysis


Columbus Dispatch, Jessica Wehrman analysis


Las Vegas Review-Journal, Ben Botkin analysis


Buzzfeed, Dino Grandoni analysis

For more

climate change


clean energy

news, you can follow Climate Nexus on




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