Solar-Powered Venue is New Home For NBA Sacramento Kings

Innovation meets modern architecture in another beautiful example of solar energy powered venues.

The new home of the Sacramento Kings NBA Basketball team will be a 100% solar powered facility. 1.2 MW comes from roof mounted solar generation. Coupled with 11 MW from a nearby partner project solar farm, the entire facility will operate on solar power.

California’s capital city just completed the world’s most environmentally sustainable arena, and Inhabitat was in town to tour the LEED Platinum solar-powered home of the Kings NBA basketball franchise. PHOTOS: Sacramento Kings’ new LEED Platinum solar-powered arena

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By soliciting community input there was a lot of local influence brought into the project in areas like the food menu. The site also incorporates tons of high-tech feature from robust wi-fi access to UHD screens on the world’s largest indoor scoreboard.

The $556.5M project is nearing completion as the NBA season gets ready to kick off in a few weeks.

Solar-Powered Venue is New Home For NBA Sacramento Kings published first on Solar Solutions Team Blog


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