Methane Emissions Blow Past Current Estimates

Methane emissions from the global fossil fuel industry are up to 60 percent greater than existing estimates, according to a

new comprehensive analysis

of global methane emissions.

Map showing global methane concentrations in January 2016 at a pressure of 400 hectopascals, or roughly 6km above the surface. Concentrations are higher in the northern hemisphere because both natural- and human-caused sources of methane are more abundant there.


The unaccounted-for emissions are 300 times more than California’s

Aliso Canyon leak



According to current estimates, the fossil fuel industry

contributes about 22 percent

of global methane emissions and about 30 percent

of total U.S. methane emissions

. Methane has a

higher warming potential

than carbon dioxide in the short term.

Listen here to the NPR report:


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